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Super Borovets Project

The Super Borovets Project began in November 2007 and is a 300 million BGN investment with the ultimate aim being to make Borovets one of the most modern ski resorts in Europe. It is backed by the Bulgarian Government and also the Sultan of Oman who is one of the major investors.

Work has now begun to transfor Borovets into an all-year region, introducing football pitches, tennis-courts, swimming pools, and other sporting facilities to the resort. In addition, a horse riding centre will be located nearby at Byala Polyana.

The plan for the Super Borovets Project is being led by the architect Petko Evrev who is a specialist in developing tourism whilst also preserving the local ecology. When the Super Borovets Project is complete it is anticpated that Borovets will be in prime position to be named to host the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.


The completion of the Super Borovets Project is divided into 3 stages as follow:

Stage 1 – to be completed in year 2007 and by that time the accommodation capacity of the resort will be doubled. New gyms and swimming pools will be built.

Stage 2 – will start when ownership rights have been finalized. At this stage the plan envisages new hotels and ski runs in the triangle enclosing Beli Iskar, Samokov and Borovets.

Stage 3 – will begin the construction of new sites at 1400 m above sea level. Because of the height and sparse terrain only holiday villages and small hotels will be allowed there.

What will the project deliver?

The project plans a construction of a new Gondola Station and improved snowboard runs – when completed the mega resort will offer 33 ski pistes with a total length of more than 60 km (twice as much as now) and thus will allow more than 10 000 skiers per hour to enjoy the ski pistes and facilities. (the current capacity is 2500 skiers per hour).

The new Gondola will also connect this part of the resort to the other pistes, Sokolets – Ivanov Kamuk – Marakudjitsite.

Brand new golf course will be built at the foothills of the Rila Mountains with spectacular views over the snow capped peaks.

The project aims to offer numerous tourism attractions for the development of sustainable tourism in the region. The region of Borovets will become a year-round resort with modern technical facilities, information centres for tourists and a good transportation infrastructure. Special attention will be paid to hill walkers, extreme sports enthusiasts, horse- back riding trails, the development of eco- tourism, as well as hunting and fishing.