Bansko Accomodation

St. George Palace, Bansko ****

St George Palace - swimming pool

The St. George Palace is located upon the highest ridge in Bansko alongside the nature reserve and offers some commanding views…

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All Seasons Club ****

Borovets Rila view

The All Seasons Club is a good solid hotel on the edge of Bansko known for its warm and friendly staff. The walk into the resort centre…

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Bansko Royal Towers, Bansko ****

Bansko Royal Towers, Bansko, Bulgaria - exterior

Bansko Royal Towers are less of a hotel and more of an apartment complex, so you tend to get a lot more space for your holiday…

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Belmont Residence, Bansko ****

Belmont Residence, Bansko, Bulgaria - exterior

The Belmont Hotel (part of the same building as the Grand Montana) is a little bit of a walk from the centre of Bansko (10-15 minutes)…

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Donchev Hotel, Bansko ***

Donchev Hotel, Bansko, Bulgaria - mountain

The Donchev is aimed at those people looking for a good budget ski holiday that doesn’t break the bank. The rooms are basic but very…

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Eagles Nest Apartments, Bansko ***

Eagles nest hotel, Bansko, Bulgaria - exterior

The Eagle’s Nest is one of the better hotels in Bansko and consistently receives good reviews from our guests, many of whom repeatedly…

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Grand Montana Hotel, Bansko ****

Grand Montana, Bansko, Bulgaria - exterior

The Grand Montana is linked with the Belmont Hotel although we find that this is the much better of the two. The apartments are…

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Katarino Resort & Spa, Bansko *****

Katarino resort & spa, Bansko, Bulgaria - mountain

As well as a top-end hotel for your ski holiday the Katarino is also well-regarded as a year round spa accommodation. It has beautiful…

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Lion Bansko, Bansko ****

lion Hotel, Bansko, Bulgaria - exterior

According to the feedback that we receive from our guests this is one of our favourite hotels in the whole of Bansko. Great staff, large…

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Lucky Bansko Aparthotel, Bansko ****

Borovets Rila view

The Lucky Bansko is one of our most highly recommended hotels in Bansko. When you’re not eating there are also some really excellent…

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MPM Guinness & Spa, Bansko ****

MPM Guinness Bansko, Bulgaria - foyer

Most guests stay at the Guinness & Spa because of it’s location, literally less than 5 minutes stroll from the Bansko gondola so you can…

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MPM Hotel Sport Bansko, Bansko ****

MPM Hotel Sport Bansko, Bulgaria - exterior

One of the few genuine ski in/out hotels in Bansko the MPM Hotel Sport is ideally situated for any ski holiday nestled in between the…

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Murite Club Hotel, Bansko ****

Murite Club Hotel, Bansko, Bulgaria - , Bansko, Bulgaria - outside pool

Set in a wonderful location within the Razlog Valley, the Murite Club Hotel consists of 307 well-equipped rooms and 4 separate buildings…

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Orphey Hotel, Bansko ****

Oprhey Hotel, Bansko, Bulgaria - exterior

The Orphey Hotel is at the lower end of the budget spectrum but it’s well known for being a good value if not fairly basic option…

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Polaris Inn Apartments, Bansko ****

Polaris Inn, Bansko, Bulgaria - exterior

The Polaris Inn is perfect place to stay for the budget skier who wants somewhere modern, clean, and close to the gondola but would rather…

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Hotel Alexander, Bansko ***

Hotel Alexander, Bansko, Bulgaria - exterior

The Hotel Alexander is a new and modern accommodation located just on the outskirts of Bansko. It receives favourable reviews from…

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Aspen Resort, Bansko ****

Aspen, Bansko, Bulgaria - exterior

Although located about 7km from the main centre of Bansko the Aspen Resort is still very popular with skiers. Partly due to the…

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Chateau Bansko, Bansko ****

Chateau Bansko - exterior

The hotel Chateau Bansko is a good quality accommodation located towards the edge of Bansko. It’s only a 10 minute walk to the nearest…

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Mura, Bansko ***

Mura, Bansko, Bulgaria - exterior

Although the Mura Hotel is ranked as a 3* it enjoys good reviews from all our guests who stay here, many of whom are repeat visitors. It’s located…

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Premier Luxury Mountain Resort, Bansko *****

Premier luxury, Bansko, Bulgaria -

This is without doubt one of the finest hotels in Bansko and consistently receives great reviews from all of the guests that we send here. The…

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Sunrise Park & Spa, Bansko ****

Sunrise, Bansko, Bulgaria - exterior

This hotel tends to receive mixed reviews from our guests who choose to stay here during their ski holiday, there are some good things…

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